Smile more, laugh more, let TeethLogic handle the rest

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Everyone wants a little reminder of how amazing their smile looks. They want to be complimented as well as feel good about their smile. However, as much as we long for healthier and straighter teeth in less time than traditional braces, we never really want to get involved in a hassled dental system that tends to coincide with our hectic schedules and work commitments. We understand that it isn’t easy to balance a hectic and busy lifestyle as well as harbour the idea of fixing our teeth.  For starters, the expensive orthodontic treatment cost and heavy prices for braces.

But, have you […]

While you tie the knot, don’t forget to smile a lot

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There is a certain buzz in the air; the wedding season is just around the corner. All the newly engaged couples who are set to embark on a new life together, are no doubt in one of the happiest and exciting phases of their lives.  Shopping for the ideal wedding trousseau is at its peak and a jump-start to a bridal/groom beauty regime has also begun. Anyone who has been there knows how important this process is. From scheduling massage treatments to treating yourself to frequent mani-pedi’s; fancy facials to indulgent skin-care routine, it is literally imperative for the bride and […]

Want a smile you absolutely love? Let’s get you started

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Smiling is one of the simplest thing to do when it comes to appreciating someone or admiring something. It is in fact one of the most powerful expressions a human being can use to showcase respect, fondness, confidence, likeability and joy. Fortunately, some people are blessed with such a healthy, beautiful smile that every time you see them smile it lightens up your day. They express a certain type of warmth that gets you longing for that kind of perfect smile.

We understand it’s common for many of us to not love our own smile. Even if it is a little crooked […]

Make a lasting impression with the right smile

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A smile is your most memorable feature; it lingers in people’s mind longer than your first words

Your smile is your first impression. Well obviously since you never really get a second chance to make a first impression. It is literally your asset when it comes to landing a job interview, sealing a deal, impressing a client or fulfilling a social obligation. The right smile tends to speak louder than words, which actually does wonders for you. Many experts, in fact, believe that a bright and wide smile is equivalent to a good package, it is imperative to your professional reputation and […]

How to clean you Clear Aligners

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”An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

By wearing clear aligners you start taking steps towards the perfect smile you desired. Clear aligners apart from fixing your teeth, gives the main advantage of aesthetics i.e. they are not visible easily to others when you are wearing them while undergoing the process of alignment of the teeth, they also provide ease to maintain the oral hygiene which is a concern with the traditional braces. They have kind of antiquated the braces system.

But there is something we are forgetting?

It is how to clean and take care of your aligners. Remember that […]

Festivals and your oral health

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India is a land of festivals, celebrating throughout the year. And by festivals how can we forget the mouthwatering sweets and food. And, me being a dentist the first thing that comes in my mind after seeing so many ”sweets” around is ”CAVITIES”. During these times one cannot control munching on everything served on the table or sometimes taking out from fridge when no one’s watching. Even the health conscious people cannot resist the temptation.

Anyways the above thoughts made me to share some tips for your teeth during these time of the year.

Watch what you eat: during these times our sugar […]

Beautiful teeth are now a doorbell away

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Teethlogic’s evolution in dental technology is enabling millions of people attain their perfect smile, economically

A perfect set of teeth is everyone’s dream. After all, we all desire a beautiful smile. But the cost and time commitment involved in visiting the orthodontist, getting braces fixed and following that up with repeated doctor visits leads to serious hesitation in scheduling that first appointment. Moreover, the treatment time is usually about two years for children and longer for adults which becomes all the more deterring for many of us. Let’s face it, we’ve never heard of an easier and cheaper route.

Think aloud again! In […]

Dental Technology Revolution: Getting Straight Teeth at Home with TeethLogic

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TeethLogic introduces for the first time ever in India, an online technology platform which makes it possible to straighten your teeth right from the comforts of your home. What’s more exciting is that we are able to cut down invisible aligners treatment costs by as much as 80% when compared to other alternatives. How? We eliminate all middlemen commissions and charges by bringing the dentist and dental lab to your phone/browser.

Is this for You?

Let’s face it – not of all us can boast of a perfect sparkling toothpaste commercial smile. You may have a gap between your teeth or your teeth […]

Why Aligners are better than Braces?

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If you are considering metal or ceramic braces versus invisible aligners to straighten your crooked teeth, you may have a lot of questions regarding which treatment plan is better. Ultimately, you want to pick a plan that can get the job done as effectively as possible and for the lowest price. You would also want to ensure that the changes made are permanent and you do not have to fix your teeth again.

When most people think about teeth straightening techniques, one of the very first things that come to mind is metal/wire braces. Metal Braces have been used for years and […]

Directed at Home Teeth Straightening

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We all want a perfect smile because it helps us exude confidence and makes us feel better about ourselves. As your teeth are one of the very first things that people see when they approach you, it is important to ensure that your smile is as presentable as you want it to be.

Technology is now making our lives easier. Example almost all banking can be done via mobile, you can order your dinner to be delivered in 30mins or less, E-commerce is taking place of traditional in-store shopping, similarly, the world of dentistry is also experiencing a shift; thanks to recent […]

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