Beautiful teeth are now a doorbell away

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Teethlogic’s evolution in dental technology is enabling millions of people attain their perfect smile, economically

A perfect set of teeth is everyone’s dream. After all, we all desire a beautiful smile. But the cost and time commitment involved in visiting the orthodontist, getting braces fixed and following that up with repeated doctor visits leads to serious hesitation in scheduling that first appointment. Moreover, the treatment time is usually about two years for children and longer for adults which becomes all the more deterring for many of us. Let’s face it, we’ve never heard of an easier and cheaper route.

Think aloud again! In […]

Dental Technology Revolution: Getting Straight Teeth at Home with TeethLogic

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TeethLogic introduces for the first time ever in India, an online technology platform which makes it possible to straighten your teeth right from the comforts of your home. What’s more exciting is that we are able to cut down invisible aligners treatment costs by as much as 80% when compared to other alternatives. How? We eliminate all middlemen commissions and charges by bringing the dentist and dental lab to your phone/browser.

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Let’s face it – not of all us can boast of a perfect sparkling toothpaste commercial smile. You may have a gap between your teeth or your teeth […]

Why Aligners are better than Braces?

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If you are considering metal or ceramic braces versus invisible aligners to straighten your crooked teeth, you may have a lot of questions regarding which treatment plan is better. Ultimately, you want to pick a plan that can get the job done as effectively as possible and for the lowest price. You would also want to ensure that the changes made are permanent and you do not have to fix your teeth again.

When most people think about teeth straightening techniques, one of the very first things that come to mind is metal/wire braces. Metal Braces have been used for years and […]

Directed at Home Teeth Straightening

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We all want a perfect smile because it helps us exude confidence and makes us feel better about ourselves. As your teeth are one of the very first things that people see when they approach you, it is important to ensure that your smile is as presentable as you want it to be.

Technology is now making our lives easier. Example almost all banking can be done via mobile, you can order your dinner to be delivered in 30mins or less, E-commerce is taking place of traditional in-store shopping, similarly, the world of dentistry is also experiencing a shift; thanks to recent […]

How do Invisible Aligners Work?

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Most of us would not mind having the best looking teeth there is. As more and more individuals realize the benefits of straight teeth not just for their confidence but also for their health, invisible aligners are quickly becoming a favorite treatment. Transparent aligners from TeethLogic will allow you to straighten your teeth at home without having to deal with the long wait time at the dental office, which is ideal for busy individuals.

Transparent aligners are also a much better option compared to metal braces because they are indistinguishable and virtually undetectable when you have them on. Additionally, they are much […]

How to get the Dream Smile that you have always wanted

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There are so many of us that suffer from crooked teeth but sadly cannot afford or have time to get them straightened. Straight teeth might sound purely like a cosmetic issue but it is not. Crooked teeth are typically harder to clean compared to straight ones, which means that they can harbor bacteria that lead to gum disease, tooth decay, and worse still, bad breath.

Additionally, functional issues can develop as a result of crooked teeth including improper jaw alignment and stress in your gums and bones. Preventing crooked teeth while you are growing up is important but when the issue has […]

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