Breaking myths of Invisible Aligners

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Braces for the longest time have been your best rather the only source of teeth straightening, getting a revitalized smile or for improving problems related to deep bite, overbite. No matter how much discomfort or pain we’ve faced on wearing them, metal braces have to be used to correct these dental problems. Fortunately, there are now other options available that can address these issues. A number of ingenious breakthroughs in dental technology have made the best of modern tools available at our disposal. One such marvel is invisible braces. TeethLogic, an online technology platform makes it extremely easy for you to get your lovable and perfect smile with just a simple click.

However, we are unable to adopt or benefit from them owing to a variety of myths that surround them. There is so much of incredulity and distrust around invisible braces that people have mixed feelings about the whole idea of getting invisible dental braces. We know it’s not true, so we decided to delve deep into the myths and give you the right picture that will help you make your decisions clear.

Myth: It takes longer to straighten your teeth with invisible aligners

Traditional metal braces take as long as 18 months to 3 years in order to fix your teeth or get the smile you want. However, TeethLogic’s invisible braces give visible results in as short as 4-9 months. As you replace each aligner every fortnight you will begin to notice a difference in the look of your teeth. Complicated treatments can take up to 8-10 months but nothing over a year as compared to traditional metal braces.

Myth: Invisible teeth aligners are way more expensive than braces

TeethLogic acts as a technology platform that connects you, an experienced dentist and an advanced technology dental lab to deliver custom aligners right to your home. They are able to reduce the costs without compromising on the quality, by eliminating traditional commissions, orthodontic treatment cost and clinical charges. No regular visit charges and no unnecessary consultation charges. They have a one-time cost which will fit well within your budget.

Myth: Invisible Teeth aligners need more care and maintenance

Invisible teeth aligners need to be cleaned daily just like your teeth. Unlike traditional braces, they are not stuck to your teeth and so you face no problems related to tooth decay and malodour (bad breath). They can be removed easily making it convenient to brush your teeth and clean the aligners (Aligners come with a simple set of cleaning instructions). The best part – There are no food restrictions with TeethLogic’s Invisible braces. Just take them off before meals and you can eat anything. With metal braces, you need to avoid certain foods mostly the crunchy and sticky type.

Myth: Results with Invisible braces are temporary

Honestly, this is the most common myth which has been hanging around the rumour mill. Just because they do not irritate the gums or the cheeks and are more comfortable to wear than traditional braces, doesn’t mean they are not working.  Invisible aligners are just as effective as traditional braces as long as you follow the instructions properly.

Myth: TeethLogic’s invisible aligners are a DIY kit

Well, we won’t argue much on this because this statement is partially true.   Technology has made our lives easier. In the same way, with internet-based orthodontist treatments, you can take charge of straightening your own teeth. You do not need any in-person assessment by a specialist orthodontist or by a dentist. Teethlogic is India’s first direct to consumer/online brand for invisible teeth aligners. All you have to do is, go through the website and get a free smile assessment. A set of few simple questions will help determine if this treatment is required by you or not. In less than 3 days, an at home delivered impression kit will enable you to take an accurate impression of your top and bottom teeth.  This will be then sent back to the doctors in order to create a custom treatment plan just for you. These gentle aligners are then delivered to your door and are easy to use.

We certainly hope that the above information will make you believe that Teethlogic’s invisible aligners are a fantastic alternative to traditional braces. So join the club. Just log on or call for your free smile consultation today.