Dental Technology Revolution: Getting Straight Teeth at Home with TeethLogic

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TeethLogic introduces for the first time ever in India, an online technology platform which makes it possible to straighten your teeth right from the comforts of your home. What’s more exciting is that we are able to cut down invisible aligners treatment costs by as much as 80% when compared to other alternatives. How? We eliminate all middlemen commissions and charges by bringing the dentist and dental lab to your phone/browser.

Is this for You?

Let’s face it – not of all us can boast of a perfect sparkling toothpaste commercial smile. You may have a gap between your teeth or your teeth are too crowded, but you always thought treatment might be too costly, lengthy or complicated. Perhaps braces and straight teeth are already on your wish list, but you don’t have time for the dentist visits or can’t imagine going through the day with a mouth full of metal wires. You might have worn wire braces as a teenager but now your teeth have gone back to being crooked again. You may have a special occasion like a wedding or job placement coming up for which you want to look your best. If any of this sounds like you, you have come to the right place er. web address!

No one will know!

Invisible Aligners are multiple sets of clear aligners that you wear for 22hrs every day to gradually shift teeth into the correct position over a period of 4-9 months. These are completely customised and are made using the latest technology in teeth straightening. Our aligners are designed for minor to moderate teeth correction, including space between teeth, crowding, rotations, and some bite correction.

Dentist in your phone! 

Teethlogic acts as a technology platform that connects you, an experienced dentist and an advanced technology dental lab to deliver custom aligners right to your home. We are able to reduce costs without compromising quality, by eliminating traditional commissions, consultation fees and clinical charges.

Where to start?

Take the free Smile assessment to find out if you could be an early adopter of this dental revolution. If you are a suitable candidate, you will receive everything you need to straighten your teeth by courier, with a clear set of use instructions and a dental helpline to help you on your smile journey.