How do Invisible Aligners Work?

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Most of us would not mind having the best looking teeth there is. As more and more individuals realize the benefits of straight teeth not just for their confidence but also for their health, invisible aligners are quickly becoming a favorite treatment. Transparent aligners from TeethLogic will allow you to straighten your teeth at home without having to deal with the long wait time at the dental office, which is ideal for busy individuals.

Transparent aligners are also a much better option compared to metal braces because they are indistinguishable and virtually undetectable when you have them on. Additionally, they are much more comfortable and results usually start showing within weeks of starting the treatment.

Since you have to send in impressions of your teeth for the invisible aligner to be made, you can be sure that your model has been designed and custom made just for you, ensuring that it works as effectively as possible.

How do invisible aligners work?

Transparent aligners work through a series of trays that gradually shift your crooked teeth into place. Every tray that you use will be made slightly straighter than the previous one so that your teeth keep getting straighter with each aligner. Your teeth will move a few tenths of a mm per tray and you will have to change a tray after every two weeks. Throughout, your crooked teeth will shift and become straighter and straighter until you attain the smile that you have always wanted.

A lot of people prefer transparent aligners because they are comfortable since they are designed just for you. Additionally, there are no ugly brackets on them, which enable you to move about your day a lot more contentedly without worrying that your teeth or braces are noticeable. Invisible aligners are ideal for both teens (over the age of 16) and adults who are looking for a discreet way to straighten their teeth.

What to expect during treatment?

The material used to make clear aligners is BPA free and does not contain any harmful chemicals, which means that it is irritant free and comfortable to wear on a day to day basis. There is usually some discomfort during the first couple of days while your teeth adjust to the repositioning but after that you get completely used to them. Aligners are easily removable for cleaning as well as for meals and snacks. You will graduate to a new set of aligners after every two weeks until all your crooked teeth have shifted to the right positions, revealing the smile that you have always wanted.

Before you decide whether clear aligners are for you or not, you will need to complete an assessment to ascertain you are a good match for this treatment. Take your free online assessment now at TeethLogic.