How to clean you Clear Aligners

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”An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

By wearing clear aligners you start taking steps towards the perfect smile you desired. Clear aligners apart from fixing your teeth, gives the main advantage of aesthetics i.e. they are not visible easily to others when you are wearing them while undergoing the process of alignment of the teeth, they also provide ease to maintain the oral hygiene which is a concern with the traditional braces. They have kind of antiquated the braces system.

But there is something we are forgetting?

It is how to clean and take care of your aligners. Remember that if you are wearing any removable oral apparatus it needs to be cleaned daily. If not cleaned then after few days you may find white builds-ups, which is the plaque. Its progression and buildup on your teeth as well as on your aligner can give rise to tooth decay and malodour (bad breath). Keeping them clean everyday is as important as brushing your teeth daily.

Don’t worry it’s not a difficult task or some big steps are required for this.

Few simple things to follow and you are good to go:

⦁ the easiest way to clean your aligners is to brush them daily. Use a soft bristle toothbrush (the one you use for brushing your teeth) and gently brush them both inside and outside.
⦁ Instead of toothpaste use liquid soap, as your toothpaste contain abrasives which can cause scratches.
⦁ do not use hot water to clean them. It can distort your aligner and thus creating problem with the fitting. Also do not drink hot beverages( tea, coffee, etc.) while wearing them.
⦁ always clean/rinse your aligners with cold or luke warm water before wearing them again after eating.
⦁ after eating if possible brush or floss your teeth, if not then rinse your mouth thoroughly before wearing your aligners.
⦁ and at last, don’t forget to brush your teeth twice a day and flossing at least once.

So hope the above points help you in the journey of teeth straightening for your beautiful smile with clear aligners.

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