Make a lasting impression with the right smile

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A smile is your most memorable feature; it lingers in people’s mind longer than your first words

Your smile is your first impression. Well obviously since you never really get a second chance to make a first impression. It is literally your asset when it comes to landing a job interview, sealing a deal, impressing a client or fulfilling a social obligation. The right smile tends to speak louder than words, which actually does wonders for you. Many experts, in fact, believe that a bright and wide smile is equivalent to a good package, it is imperative to your professional reputation and a coherent reflection of your success.

But many times it so happens that when we are advancing in our career and interviewing for jobs not all of us are beaming with confidence and feeling better about ourselves thanks to our beautiful smile. There are many of us who are low on morale and brimming with frustration and insecurity. They either have a gap between their teeth, have teeth that are too crowded or teeth that are crooked; in some or the other way they are hesitant, embarrassed and ashamed of their smile. It’s like they’ve been told that people have a positive response towards individuals with straight teeth than ones with misaligned or crooked teeth. Costly, time-consuming treatments or the fact that braces don’t suit a grown-up has deterred a visit to the dentist.

Does that mean they are incapable of making a lasting impression? Do they have to make peace with whatever comes their way because they can’t sit for their dream job? Do they have no chance of rectifying their smile? If only there was a way to get a new smile that would renew self-confidence and motivation.

Is it possible? Wait, it is!

Owing to an evolution in dental technology you can now attain your perfect smile without any hassle. TeethLogic has introduced for the first time ever in India, an online technology platform which makes it possible to straighten your teeth right from the comforts of your home. Top quality invisible teeth aligners are an incredible, non-invasive and cost-effective dental invention that can be purchased through your phone. It gives you the power to transform your embarrassment into a smile you’re proud to show off. It involves no metal wires or brackets, no need of any in-person assessment by a specialist orthodontist or by a dentist. It is a clear, convenient, and comfortable option to achieve the smile you’ve always wanted.

All you have to do is take the free Smile assessment to find out if you are a suitable candidate. If yes, then you will receive everything you need to straighten your teeth by courier, with a clear set of instructions and a dental helpline to help you on your smile journey. These aligners are custom made based on your current and required teeth positioning and the entire treatment plan is directed by a team of dental professionals who are just a call away whenever you need them.

In just as little as 4-6 months you can start seeing the results of your mild or moderate misalignments. Unlike braces, these are smooth and comfortable to wear throughout the day and night as they fit extremely well. You can remove them while consuming your favorite meals and when you brush your teeth.  The best part? These invisible braces are so thin and light that even if you wear them to work; no one is going to notice. They are virtually invisible! So the next time you walk inside the room, lead a presentation, or visit a networking event, don’t forget to beam with pride because now you have the perfect smile.

We are always taught not to “judge a book by its cover,” yet the society we live in often judges us based on the first impression we create. Even in a professional setting, more than your skills or your responses it is your smile that creates a lasting impression. It’s not fair or correct, we agree but it does happen. But the least we can do is give people a chance of having a bright and healthy smile that will help them achieve their goal. So don’t wait any longer, just grab your phone and get calling for a free smile consultation today.