Festivals and your oral health

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India is a land of festivals, celebrating throughout the year. And by festivals how can we forget the mouthwatering sweets and food. And, me being a dentist the first thing that comes in my mind after seeing so many ”sweets” around is ”CAVITIES”. During these times one cannot control munching on everything served on the table or sometimes taking out from fridge when no one’s watching. Even the health conscious people cannot resist the temptation.

Anyways the above thoughts made me to share some tips for your teeth during these time of the year.

Watch what you eat: during these times our sugar intake becomes more which starts building problems for both our waistline and our oral health. Oh no! I am not asking anyone to stop eating sweets, but to keep a check on the amount and quality of what you eat.

By that i mean eat but the ones which are less sticky in nature and in lesser amount. Avoid nuts as they too stick to your teeth. If given a choice eat dark chocolate instead of the regular chocolates. Take less carbonated drinks, teas and coffee.

Share: during festivals you must have noticed that our house is filled with gifts and mostly they are sweets even after forwarding gifts to others (Sharmaji’s dabba given to Guptaji and so on), still we are left with few extra. We use them as our daily after meal dessert or in-between meal snacks. So the process of eating them continues. Right? Share those extras with those who are more in need than you, who cannot afford to get such gifts. And make someone happy and put a smile on their face. Seriously that feeling will be far more better than having a Gulab Jamun (Indian sweet).

So my whole point by sharing is to let go of your temptations by doing a good cause and at the same time protecting your oral health.

Another brushing and flossing tip: yes , but it’s very important. Take a pea size amount of toothpaste on your soft bristle brush and start cleaning all the surfaces of your teeth. Use floss to clean the areas between the teeth where your brush cannot reach. Brush twice daily and floss once. This way the plaque deposited will be removed which is responsible for tooth decay.

Rinsing: Rinse your mouth thoroughly after every meal or after eating sweets or anything.

Drink water: drinking water not only keeps your body hydrated but also keeps away the plaque deposition by creating saliva which is the key to this process. One should drink 7-8 glasses of water daily.

Routine dental checkups: Another way of keeping your teeth and gums healthy is by visiting your dentist for routine dental checkups. Your dentist will check and tell you about any cavity or problem which needs to be fixed.

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