Want a smile you absolutely love? Let’s get you started

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Smiling is one of the simplest thing to do when it comes to appreciating someone or admiring something. It is in fact one of the most powerful expressions a human being can use to showcase respect, fondness, confidence, likeability and joy. Fortunately, some people are blessed with such a healthy, beautiful smile that every time you see them smile it lightens up your day. They express a certain type of warmth that gets you longing for that kind of perfect smile.

We understand it’s common for many of us to not love our own smile. Even if it is a little crooked or a little gapped, we use it as a reason to be unhappy with our smile. To be honest, it is even common to hide our smile. A trip to the dentist is definitely not our favourite activity. Because we think, the only way to fix our teeth is by going in for time-consuming dental procedures which also involves bearing the heavy expenses of orthodontic treatments. Oh! Did someone say braces? The price of metal braces and the fact that as teenagers and grown-ups one is still using metal braces to fix their teeth just to get a pretty smile is an absurd thought altogether. We just keep finding umpteen reasons to keep hiding our smile.

Well, stop dwindling and come out of hiding! We have the answers to all your problems right here with us.

Dental technology in India has grown leaps and bounds through the last couple of years. It is bringing the best of modern tools that have the ability to restore even the most seemingly dire of dental situations. One field that has made remarkable progress in the country is Orthodontics. This particular field has made it possible for people across all ages get their desired perfect smile.

India is now home to TeethLogic, an online technology platform which makes it possible for you to get your lovable and perfect smile– without spending a fortune. Straighten your teeth right from the comforts of your own home with top quality invisible dental braces. Teethlogic is India’s first direct to consumer/online brand for invisible teeth aligners.

Invisible braces are already shaping millions of smiles in the West through major brands like Invisalign. TeethLogic can help you get your desired smile by bringing to you the world’s most advanced clear aligner right to your doorstep. These invisible aligners are an incredible, non-invasive and cost-effective approach to teeth straightening. It involves no metal wires or brackets, that’s right, straight teeth without painful wires! It’s quick, user-friendly and gives visible results in as short as 4-6 months.

Are you concerned about the product quality and safety? Let us assure you, these clear aligners are exclusively made of US FDA approved safe material.

How to get going?

All you have to do is, go through the website and get a free smile assessment. A set of few simple questions will help determine if this treatment is required by you or not. In less than 3 days, an at home delivered impression kit will enable you to take an accurate impression of your top and bottom teeth.  This will be then sent back to the doctors in order to create a custom treatment plan just for you.. These gentle aligners are then delivered to your door and are easy to use. They need to be swapped every fortnight or as advised in your plan. Even when you are not seeing the doctor at all, you are still working closely with a dentist over phone/online to transform your smile into one you’re proud of. In case of any query just call the dental helpline who are always available to help you on your smile journey

It’s time to join the club, with these super thin and light aligners that are virtually invisible, giving you an incredibly natural appearance! The next time you find something worth smiling for, don’t hold yourself back. Let the beauty of your grin lighten up someone else’s day for a change. Simply log on to the website teethlogic.com and get your assessment done today.