Why Aligners are better than Braces?

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If you are considering metal or ceramic braces versus invisible aligners to straighten your crooked teeth, you may have a lot of questions regarding which treatment plan is better. Ultimately, you want to pick a plan that can get the job done as effectively as possible and for the lowest price. You would also want to ensure that the changes made are permanent and you do not have to fix your teeth again.

When most people think about teeth straightening techniques, one of the very first things that come to mind is metal/wire braces. Metal Braces have been used for years and very little about the technology has changed despite the immense technological advances in other fields. Metal brackets are glued to your teeth, these are connected by metal wires and then elastics/rubber bands are used to hold wires in place.

Invisible Aligners, on the other hand, are clear, soft and smooth trays that are designed specifically to fit your teeth. The trays are created using a 3D printed model of your mouth. These are adjusted and customized to gradually move your teeth to their proper position. The invisible aligners come in a series of sets. One set has to be worn for roughly two weeks after which you move on to the next set.

So which is better – Invisible Aligners or Metal/Wire Braces?

Here are just a few reasons why Invisible Aligners are a better choice-

● As the name says they are invisible; no one will notice that you are wearing them and getting your teeth fixed. Metal Braces – we know how unsightly they are.

● They are more comfortable and do not irritate the gums and cheeks. Traditional metal/wire braces are usually harsh and can pinch leading to cuts in your mouth.

● There are no food restrictions with Invisible Aligners. Just take off your aligners and you can eat anything. With metal braces you need to avoid certain foods mostly the crunchy and sticky type.

● They are easy to maintain. They can be removed easily making it convenient to brush your teeth and clean the aligners. Wire Braces, on the other hand, are difficult to clean and can cause bacteria to build up as a result of poor oral hygiene.

● Clear Aligners take less time to straighten your teeth; average of 4 to 9 months. Treatment with wire braces takes an average of 18 months to 3 years, along with regular visits to the dentist.

TeethLogic invisible aligners are comfortable, easy to use and in your budget. If you are a good fit, you can begin treatment right from the comforts of your home. We will ship your very own custom made teeth straightening kit right to your door, while an experienced dentist will guide you through entire process if needed. Book a free consultation today at teethlogic.com.